Get started

In this section you will find the most frequently asked questions when getting started. 

  • What is needed from us to work with Klarna?

    Since Klarna accepts all the risk for the order, up to date and correct information regarding the status of the order needs to be provided. This is done in the order management system.

    Klarna strives to cooperate with merchants whose activities are in line with Klarna's vision of making payments and e-commerce safer. For Klarna, this means that ethical aspects of your business are taken into account. Klarna aims to realize this vision and to have a positive influence on the market. Therefore it is important that you adhere to Klarna’s Ethical Instructions for Merchants when signing an agreement.

    To work with Klarna, you also need to comply with Klarna's Shipping Policy. In the shipping policy, you will, among other things, learn that all goods need to be shipped with a trackable shipping method, orders must be marked as shipped on the day of shipping, and only ship orders which are marked as "approved".

    In order to receive payouts from Klarna, the Anti-Money Laundry form will need to be completed and bank details provided. This is usually done when setting up the details with your e-store platform.

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  • What can I expect to find on this page?

    On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Klarna, payments, order handling, and more. If you have any questions or concerns, you will most likely be able to find the information you need here.

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  • When will I receive the login details for Klarna Online?

    Once the first transaction has been activated we will be able to continue the handling of your agreement. When the agreement is finalized the login information will be forwarded by email.

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About Klarna

In this section you will find information about Klarna and Klarna Checkout

  • What is Klarna?

    Klarna is a company that provides simple payment solutions for e-commerce stores. 


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  • What is my relationship to Klarna?

    Klarna is the provider of the checkout and payment solution integrated in your e-store. By using Klarna's services you are guaranteed payment as soon as you have sent the goods to the customer - Klarna assumes all credit and fraud risk, meaning that you always get paid.

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  • What is Klarna Checkout?

    Klarna Checkout is a payments solution optimized to increase conversion. Including the most popular payment methods on the market, the simple buying flow of Klarna Checkout separates the buying experience from the payment for our mutual consumers. Klarna also assumes all risk – as soon as the consumer presses the "Buy now" button Klarna guarantees payment.



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Order handling

In this section you can read about how to manage orders in your system

  • Why do I have to mark orders as shipped, returned etc?

    Klarna needs to know the status of each order to know when a payment should be collected from the customer, and if (by returning the goods) the customer should no longer pay. 

    By marking an order as "shipped" you let Klarna know when to charge the customer. By marking the order as returned you tell Klarna that the charge is cancelled or that the customer should be reimbursed for the goods. No customer wants to be charged for a returned order. That’s why these actions are vital to ensure a good customer experience.


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In this section you will find information about how the payouts work and when you can expect to get money from Klarna

  • What is a settlement file?

    Klarna offers two different kinds of settlement files; Accounting slips and Transacation bills.
    Accounting slips are generated on the day of the payout and lists all invoices that have been activated during the sales period which the payment covers. The sum specified in “Total payment” is equal to the amount you will receive from Klarna. 

    Transaction bills show all the transactions which have occurred between us and your store for a given period and can be produced in multiple different formats; PDF, text files, and SIE-files. 

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  • How do I read the settlement file?

    The settlement file consists of all your orders during the corresponding time period. Please see video below to understand how to read the report. 


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  • When will I get my payout?

    All orders that are activated during the same week will be payed out in a batch the following week.
    Example: All orders activated in week one (1) will be payed out in week two (2).

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Customer Service

In this section you will get information about how to handle your customers in situations related to Klarna. 

  • I have received a payment from a consumer, what should I do?

    In an instance like this you can, of course, refund the consumer and ask the consumer to pay their order to Klarna instead. Alternatively, you remove the consumer's order since the payment has already been received.

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  • A consumer is contesting an order, what do I do?

    If a consumer contests an order/invoice you can just refer them to Klarna's customer service who will help the consumer proceed with the errand. The consumer can reach Klarna's customer service by phone at: +46 (0)8-120 120 10, or by e-mail at: info@klarna.com

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  • How can I remove a reminder fee from an invoice?

    You can of course choose to cover the reminder fee for the customer, for example if you have had unexpected delays in your order handling process. You can cover the reminder fee by adding a discount of an equivalent amount on the invoice.

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  • Where can the consumer find his/her invoices?

    On the Log in page our mutual consumers can see all their Klarna purchases and download all invoices. They can also choose to part pay invoices and even move the due date ten days. To get there, consumers go to Klarna.com and click the Log in link on top of the page.

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In this section you will find information about, and links to, assets provided by Klarna.